Day 1 | Getting a good fit


Calmer works best when it fits you well.

Before using Calmer for the first time, make sure you’ve read and understood the fitting instructions to achieve the best fit.
Take some time. If Calmer isn't fitted correctly, you may find that it doesn't perform at its full potential.

All ears are different – even your left and right ear will be different shapes.
You can tell Calmer is fitted correctly if the volume isn't reduced or muted but harsh sounds become ‘smoother’.

Top Tip: If it feels loose you may find a gentle nudge helps Calmer sit better. You can gauge whereabouts feels most comfortable and sits the best.

Day 2 | Give your ears a chance


Please don’t feel frustrated if you try me for a few minutes and don’t experience a significant change. This is something new for your ears, change takes time to embrace, especially subtle ones that build over time.

We recommend…

Patience: This is something new for your ears, change takes time to embrace. We recommend using Calmer for as long as possible within the first 24 hours to give you time to adjust to this new way of hearing. After this, you should be able to hear a noticeable difference between wearing and not wearing Calmer.

Wearing them for a few minutes at a time might not give your ears the best chance to adapt to the difference.

Day 3 | Calm your audio world


Ease your audio world.

Calmer is not designed to be worn in quiet calm places - it really comes into its own when worn in places where the noise would ordinarily bother or irritate you.

Try wearing them when travelling or on a noisy street. Calmer takes the edge off of noises that normally make us feel tense or stressed.

Day 4 | Zoom more smoothly


Zoom calls are a great way to test Calmer. You should find that video calls are a lot more pleasant on your ears. Distortions in the sound are a lot more manageable, smoother and less sharp.

Test Calmer by wearing them during a video call and then removing them halfway through. Notice how peaks in sound are more bothersome when you aren't wearing Calmer.

Try again with Calmer and compare the difference.

Day 5 | Upgrade your kit


Ease your audio world.

Wear Calmer under your headphones and experience increased definition and an upgraded listening experience.

Place in your ear and give your sound the upgrade of a lifetime. Calmer simply reduces distortion (unwanted noise) from our ears that would otherwise compromise the sound.

Top Tip: Pop Calmer in your ears under your headphones and then play a track you know really well. Listen for a while. Keep the track playing - remove Calmer and put your headphones back on. The difference should be instantly noticeable!

Day 6 | Make working from home work for you


Boost focus
Reduce irritating background noise.

Working from home often sees us trying to focus in a less than ideal situation. A noisy house, kids running in and out, traffic noise, did we say kids running in and out...?!

Noises such as mobile notifications, baby cries, car horns and dogs barking will no longer have a harsh or sharp edge to them. You can still hear every sound, but the unpleasant edge is taken off sharp noises. Calmer provides a mellowness; removing the anxiety-inducing properties of our environment and resulting in a calmer experience.

Day 7 | Let's eat

LET'S EAT!...without the stress triggers?

As you know Calmer was designed to reduce irritating resonances in the sound we hear (specifically in the 2-8 kHz frequency range) this is where annoying eating noises sit.

Some people get very stressed when faced with having to listen to someone eating (Misophonia). Many have found that this becomes much more manageable when they wear Calmer; with irritating noises being reduced in a much more manageable way.


  • With our 100-day refund policy, you can relax and take it easy spending quality time with Calmer.

  • Everyone is different and all ears are unique so the effects of Calmer can differ. You may experience a change in body language, a general experience of relaxation, or improved concentration.

  • You may also find that the amount of times you become stressed is lower overall. This is due to a decrease in stress loading (little things over time that add to stress). These changes may be subtle in some instances and you might notice them more prominently after wearing Calmer for a while and then removing them.