1. Read the instructions

Before using Calmer for the first time, make sure you’ve read and understood the fitting instructions to achieve the correct fit. If Calmer is fitted incorrectly, you may find that the product does not perform at its full potential.

Watch our Calmer fitting video

2. Give your ears the best chance

Most of us have been listening to sound for our entire lives unaware that our ears are adding distortion to what we hear. We recommend using Calmer for as long as possible within the first 24 hours to give you time to adjust to this new way of hearing. After this, you should be able to hear a noticeable difference between wearing and not wearing Calmer. Wearing them for a few minutes at a time might not give your ears the best chance to adapt to the difference.

3. What should I listen for?

Noises such as mobile notifications, baby cries, car horns and dogs barking will no longer have a harsh or sharp edge to them. You can still hear every sound, but the unpleasant edge is taken off sharp noises. Calmer provides a mellowness; removing the anxiety-inducing properties of our environment and resulting in a calmer experience.

When wearing underneath headphones you should find that the sound really ‘opens up’. Listen to a piece of music you know well without Calmer in your ears, then continue listening with Calmer in your ears. You should find more detail is revealed and that the sound is clearer and more pleasant. The same effect can be heard when listening to a hi-fi, to sound through a tablet / mobile phone speakers, car stereos and at concerts.

4. Other signs Calmer is working

Because everyone is different and all ears are unique it can be very subjective but you may experience a change in body language, a general experience of relaxation, or improved concentration. You may also find that the amount of times you become stressed is lower overall. This is due to a decrease in stress loading (little things over time that add to stress). These changes may be subtle in some instances and you might notice them more prominently after wearing Calmer for a while and then removing them.