The effect that Calmer had on some people's tinnitus was a big surprise to us.


Tinnitus is different for everyone and we can only speak in general terms here.

There are many different types of tinnitus but often tinnitus can present itself as a constant ringing which in audio terms is a resonance.

Calmer removes resonance from within our ears as it acts like a mini waveguide and channels sound into our ears without it bouncing around the concha (shell-like part of our ear). Our initial thoughts are that this may be the reason why some people are seeing an improvement with their tinnitus.


Everyone is born with resonance in their ears – due to the shape of the ear itself, but this does not mean that they will hear any ringing. When ears become damaged by loud noise, illness or infection often the frequency response of the ears changes. This can mean that our brains have to adjust the EQ perception which could mean that our brains tune into the resonant frequency of the ears which in turn might lead to the constant ring tinnitus suffers hear.


As this was an unexpected benefit we do not yet have any other evidence but we are closely monitoring customers comments to see how many people with tinnitus Calmer helps.


Calmer were designed to reduce the distortion we hear and we have evidence from the ISVR (institute of Sound and Vibration Research) that they successfully do this: Calmer ISVR Report. This reduction in distortion in the sound we hear may help some people with their tinnitus.


As we say – this was a surprise result for us and all we can suggest is that if you want to give them a go and find they don’t work for you we have a 30 day money back guarantee upon return of the item.