Sleeep® Flex is made entirely out of soft and flexible silicone with a springy centre which allows the earplug to bend where you do, making it the most comfortable earplug in the range for sleeping.

Due to the flexi centre, the tip that goes into your ear canal will stay in place and maintain a good seal whilst allowing the outer tip to move around, providing a cushion at any pressure point.

If you are looking for an earplug that reduces background noise to a much more manageable level whilst providing you with a super comfy fit for all ear types, then Sleeep® Flex is your best option.

If you are used to wearing in-ear earphones for periods of time with no issue, then the Sleeep® or Sleeep® PRO might be your best option. They are made from aluminium and titanium respectively and therefore block more noise than the Sleeep® Flex.