Unfortunately, that short of sitting in a personal anechoic chamber, nothing will completely isolate you from sound, due to the physics of human hearing. You hear most of what you hear by means of your ears. They channel sound to your ear drum, which vibrates and in turn eventually moves tiny hairs in your inner ear, which creates a tiny electrical current which goes in to your brain and you experience this as sound. Isolate® and Isolate® MiNi, work by blocking sound from entering your ear canals. However, sound will still vibrate your skull, cheek bones and jaw, and these in turn will have the effect of moving those tiny hairs in your inner ear, albeit vastly less than sound entering your ears would. This phenomenon is called bone conduction.

What Isolate® earplugs do (when correctly fitted) is they turn the volume down very, very considerably and across the audible frequency range in a much more effective way than foam, silicon, rubber or wax.